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Awareness of death is the very bedrock of the path. Until you have developed this awareness, all other practices are obstructed.

The Dalai Lama, quoted in Lu, 2005, Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 37 (1), p. 34.

If you are suddenly unable to make your own health decisions, how will those closest to you speak for you?

One of the kindest things you can do for your family and close friends is to have completed an advance health care directive like 'The Five Wishes.'

The Well of Grief
by David White

Those who will not slip beneath
the still surface on the well of grief
turning down through its black water
to the place we cannot breathe
will never know
the source which we drink
the secret water cold and clear
nor find in the darkness
the small gold coins
thn by those who wished for something else.


Website Mission

This website is dedicated to supporting all members of the Ridhwan community who are facing death or a severe health crisis. Community members and friends can use this site to learn about already existing support systems within their community; including hospice care, caring for a loved one who is ill, after-death care of the body, and perhaps, most importantly, ways to provide support for loved ones when they are ill or dying.

This website embodies the orientation of the Diamond Approach, bringing presence, clarity and support to difficult health situations. It is the product of many hours of work by fellow students wishing to serve the school by bringing awareness and comfort to people experiencing difficult health situations.

About the Life Service Groups

The 'End of Life Service Group' or 'Life Service Group' concept began in California and has spread to many different Ridhwan communities around the world. These communities are separated on this site by geographic location such as California and Colorado because each region focuses on slightly different aspects of supporting its community. The original group's mission addressed the death and dying process, and some groups have recognized the need to support those members who are facing different types of life or health crises including surgeries, accidents, or life-changing diagnoses.

About the Ridhwan School

The purpose of the Diamond Approach teaching is to realize, actualize, and develop the potential and essence of the human soul as an expression of True Nature. Its aim and orientation are the development of students so that they attain spiritual maturity and completeness—an open-ended, on-going, unlimited unfoldment. The larger aim is to contribute to the evolution of humanity in the service of our True Nature. Hameed Ali (AH Almaas) is the founder and spiritual leader of the Ridhwan School. If you would like more information about the School itself or AH Almaas, use the links above. If you would like to explore Life Service Groups please continue delving into this site.

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